Censuring The Censors

Rod W coordinates and maintains these entries. He also maintains The Chopping List, a comprehensive guide to movies which have been censored in Australia.

GoldenEye: Special Edition

GoldenEye: Special Edition appears to be uncut, restoring footage cut from the previous standard edition release on DVD., Long-time readers will be aware that GoldenEye suffered a few absurd cuts from the BBFC in order to attain the requested "12" certificate, in spite of a "15" certificate being offered for the version that Martin Campbell cut himself in anticipation of hassles with the Stone-Aged Brits. The total running time of the PAL transfer for this UK cut is exactly 124 minutes. This DVD re-release clocks in at 124:25, reflecting the full, uncut 130 minute running length of the film, with the PAL speed-up accounted for.

The scenes that were censored in the original DVD release are the fight scenes with Xenia and Alec, both of which were trimmed by a significant amount of time. Specifically, the fight with Xenia on the original DVD release was missing a shot in which Natalya attempts to brain Xenia with a piece of wood, only to be told to wait her turn before being headbutted, as well as a few seconds from the shot in which Xenia is crushed against a tree. Both of these segments have been restored to the cut that is present on this DVD. Additionally, several punches and headbutts have been restored to the fight between James and Alec, totalling several seconds of footage, with the entire fight sequence making a lot more sense this way.

In other words, this Special Edition re-release of the most entertaining Bond film ever is the definitive version that we've been waiting for.