Censuring The Censors

Rod W coordinates and maintains these entries. He also maintains The Chopping List, a comprehensive guide to movies which have been censored in Australia.

Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow Never Dies is a reformatted UK R2 edition, whereas the local cinema & video releases were passed uncut with an M classification. 6 seconds were cut, with additional audio alteration.

1. The fight at Carver's (Jonathan Pryce's) studio party; Bond's going-over by four of Carver's thugs: impact sounds reduced.

2. Bond struck with baseball bat 4 times: reduced to 2 blows (only 3 blows present in the Australian cinema & video version; the last is seen through the recording studio window & plays without sound, per soundproof glass). Total footage lost is approximately 2 seconds.

3. Chakra torture scene: reduced impact sounds in subsequent fight.

4. Fight in bike shop: reduced impact sounds.

5. Wai Lin's (Michelle Yeoh) kicks in above fight scene: reduced impact sounds.

6. Man scalded by steam: sound reduced.

7. Wai Lin taking shuriken (throwing star) out of hidden pouch on legwear: removed. Shuriken are an illegal weapon in the UK & cannot be shown on screen by law.

8. Wai Lin eliminating guard with shuriken to throat: removed. This and the above scene total 3 seconds.

9. Bond kicking semi-conscious soldier in the face: cut so as to remove impact of blow - plays as soldier regaining consciousness, with Bond going through door immediately without explanation of what happened with the soldier in the edited version. Total footage lost: 1 second.

10. Carver (Pryce) struck with drill: sound reduced & subsequent screams reduced.

11. Bond's fight with Stamper (Gotz Otto) at climax: reduced impact sounds to lessen brutality of fight.