Arjuna Collection (box set) (2001)

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Released 22-Jun-2004
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This box set consists of the following DVDs;
Arjuna-Volume 1: Rebirth (2001) , Arjuna-Volume 2: Journey (2001) , Arjuna-Volume 3: Conflicts (2001) , Arjuna-Volume 4: Understanding (2001)

Arjuna-Volume 1: Rebirth
Now... A miracle is about to occur on this planet.

Present day Kobe, Japan. Tennage girl Juna Ariyoshi struggles to find her place in the world, just as everyone does. But destiny has a special fate in store for Juna. After a motorcycle accident leaves her fatally wounded, a strange form appears before her and offers to save her life, if she will take up his cause and fight against the creatures known only as the Raaja.

Confused, but desperately wanting to live, Juna reluctantly accepts this mysterious offer. Now she is reborn as the Avatar of Time; her mission is to protect the planet Earth, which is slowly dying.

To the people around her, including her boyfriend Tokio, Juna doesn't look any different - but she certainly is acting strange! Now, with Chris, the former Avatar of Time who saved her, and the rest of S.E.E.D., Juna must begin the perilous path of protecting the Earth from the Raaja. But the source of these demons lies at the heart of a mystery that Juna may not be ready to unravel.

Arjuna-Volume 2: Journey
Now... A miracle is about to occur on this planet.

After her fierce battle with the Raaja at the nuclear power plant, Chris decides that Juna is "impure" and needs to go through some survival training. So a SEED helicopter drops her in the middle of the Japanese Alps and leaves her to fend for herself.

After surviving this latest ordeal, she and the ever-present Tokio return to the city. However, Tokio suddenly falls ill. It seems that his immune system has been weakened by the food he likes to eat. But then, why does Juna become ill as well?

The pressure starts to mount, and their differing views and the changes in Juna only increase the tension between Juna and Tokio. And, just when things seem at their darkest, Chris becomes seriously ill, and a desperate Cindy is determined to get Juna to save him, no matter who pays the price.

Arjuna-Volume 3: Conflicts
Now... A miracle is about to occur on this planet.

With Chris out of danger for the moment, things settle down a little. But the relationship with Tokio and Juna remains strained. As they struggle to understand each other, it becomes clear that they are growing further apart instead of closer together.

Cindy shows up unexpectedly and offers some unusually helpful and friendly advice, and also teaches Juna that if she listens closely, she will be able to hear some amazing things. With this new ability, Juna discovers something about her sister, Kaine!

Bigger problems arise, however, at the research facility where Tokio's father works. She and Tokio work together to try and convince Mr Oshima that there is an immediate danger to the facility, but a lifetime of stubbornness is not easily changed. Then, Juna suddenly finds herself in New York on a mission for S.E.E.D. But she's picked a really bad time to be away from home...

Arjuna-Volume 4: Understanding
Now... Earth's only hope is a miracle!

Japan has collapsed! The PDB bacteria unleashed by the research facility has combined ith the RAAJA and has fallen over Japan. All petroleum-based products—plastics, textiles, computers—are being destroyed. Japan is instantly thrown back into the dark ages!

Meanwhile, half a world away, Juna is still in New York with Teresa. At a meeting with S.E.E.D.'s directors, it becomes apparent to Juna that they have no intention of helping Japan. An angry Juna lashes out, and Ashura responds.

Can Juna, the barely-awakened Avatar of Time who has yet to master her own abilities, save an entire nation and even the world? More importantly, can she save those whom she loves most of all?

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Alaina Burnett
Mami Higashiyama
Maggie Blue O'Hara
Tomokazu Seki
Andrew Francis
Aya Hisakawa
Tabitha St Germain
Yuji Ueda
Brad Swaile
Mayumi Shintani
Brittney Irvin
Yoko Soumi
Samantha Ferris
Directed by
Shôji Kawamori
Shoji Kawamori
Yôko Kanno
Ichirô Itano
Takahiro Kishida
Genre Year Running Time Format Region Coding Multi
Disc (4)
Anime 2001 355:57 (Case: 340) 576i (PAL) 4
Widescreen 1.78:1, 16x9 Enhanced
English Dolby Digital 5.1 (448Kb/s), Japanese Dolby Digital 5.1 (448Kb/s)
English Titling, English
Main Menu Audio & Animation, Karaoke-Mameshiba, TV Spots, Trailer-episode previews, Gallery-artwork sketches, Trailer-Madman Propaganda, DVD Credits, Menu Animation & Audio, DVD Credits, Featurette-Appare-Genki Juice advertisement, TV Spots-0:34, Trailer-episode previews (1:06), Gallery-artwork sketches, Trailer-Madman Propaganda, Main Menu Audio & Animation, DVD Credits, TV Spots-Appare-Genki Juice advertisement (0:24), TV Spots-Appare Adventures (2:29), TV Spots-"East Side" commercial, More…
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