Amicus Collection (1959)

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Released 15-Feb-2005
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This box set consists of the following DVDs;
The City of the Dead (Horror Hotel) (1959) , Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (1965) , The House That Dripped Blood (1970) , Asylum (1972) , And Now the Screaming Starts! (1973) , The Beast Must Die (1974)

City of the Dead, The (Horror Hotel)
Horror legend Christopher Lee stars as a seemingly benevolent Professor who sends an eager young co-ed with a taste for the occult (the fetching Venetia Stevenson), to the town of Whitewood, Massachusetts to research local legends of witchcraft.

Once there she checks into a hotel called the Raven's Inn run by the spirit of an undead witch and quickly discovers that the hotel's boarders are also witches...and that she is about to become their annual sacrifice!

Atmospheric and genuinely scary, CITY OF THE DEAD not only stars the inimitable Christopher Lee, but boasts skilful direction by John Llewellyn Moxley ("The Night Stalker", "The Avengers").

This classic of British horror has been painstakingly restored (with the cooperation of the British Film Institute) and is now released for the first time complete and uncut.

Dr. Terror's House of Horrors
Five passengers on an evening train are foretold their futures by the mysterious Dr. Schreck (Peter Cushing), who refers to his ominous tarot deck as his "House of Horrors".

Five sinister tales unfold: an estate is haunted by a vengeful werewolf, a cottage is besieged by a monster vine, a jazz musician becomes involved with a voodoo curse after stealing ancient ceremonial music, an arrogant art critic is avidly pursued by a snubbed artist's severed hand and a doctor suspects that his wife has become a vampire.

Featuring Horror superstars Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS is a stylish fright flick filled with terror, suspense, the unknown - and a sinister twist.

House That Dripped Blood, The

From Robert Bloch, the author of "PSYCHO" comes this entertainingly creepy classic featuring four terror tales starring horror icons Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Ingrid Pitt alongside "Dr. Who" star, Jon Pertwee.

In the four stories, a disturbed writer's murderous creation comes to life, a wax figure resembling a past lover causes a fatal argument between two men, a young girl develops an intense and unhealthy interest in witchcraft, and lastly, a film actor finds a cloak that helps him get a little too immersed in his role as a vampire.

THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD is vintage AMICUS. It's a chilling anthology that will have you securely bolting the door and keeping the bedside light on!

From Robert Bloch, the author of "Psycho", comes four chilling tales to drive you INSANE!

After an escape at an institution for the incurably insane, a young psychiatrist, Dr. Martin (Robert Powell) is sent to the asylum to interview the inmates to determine which one of the patients was once its director.

Nothing can prepare him for the sheer horror awaiting him, as the patients' tales behind their incarceration feature the living dead, maniacal dummys, inherited homicidal tendencies and murderous robotic toys.

Boasting a top-notch cast (including horror legend Peter Cushing and spunky Euro-beauties Britt Ekland and Charlotte Rampling) ASYLUM is "a trim little chiller with a moderate quota of blood and mayhem, polished performances and smooth direction" - VARIETY

And Now the Screaming Starts!
Bolt your doors, secure your windows and turn down the's time to scream!

A terrifying secret darkens the halls of the Fengriffen estate, where beautiful young virginal bride Catherine (Stephanie Beacham) finds her romantic wedding night turning to horror when she's raped by an eyeless, one-armed ghost!

Catherine and her aristocratic husband, Charles (Ian Ogilvy) soon discover that their bloodline has been tainted by a vicious curse passed down from generation to generation, and only with the help of psychic investigator Dr. Pope (Peter Cushing) can they hope to conquer a supernatural evil which has been lying in wait for centuries.

A stellar cast (lead by horror legend Peter Cushing), breathtaking period settings and chilling special effects highlight this stylish gothic shocker.

Beast Must Die, The
Wealthy sportsman Tom Newcliffe (Calvin Lockhart) has bagged every sort of big game trophy, except one...a werewolf!

Newcliffe invites six guests to his isolated country estate for the weekend to be part of a deadly game he has devised. Once they have arrived, he announces that ONE OF THE GUESTS WILL TURN INTO A WEREWOLF.

Can you guess who it is when we stop the film for the "Werewolf Break"?

Horror superstar Peter Cushing leads the cast in this beastly edge-of-your-seat chiller that will keep you guessing right up to the last blood-curdling scream.


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Patricia Jessel
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Christopher Lee
Tom Naylor
Betta St. John
Venetia Stevenson
Valentine Dyall
Ann Beach
Norman Macowan
Fred Johnson
Maxine Holden
William Abney
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Directed by
John Llewellyn Moxey
Freddie Francis
Peter Duffell
Roy Ward Baker
Douglas Gamley
Kenneth V. Jones
Tubby Hayes
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English Dolby Digital 2.0
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