Imperium-Fall of Great Empires (2004)

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Released 7-Jul-2005
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Imperium - Fall of Great Empires bestows a human face on once magnificent empires.

What were the events that brought about the sudden fall of highly advanced empires such as Persia, Egypt, Carthage and Rome? A team of international researchers specifically examines the causes of collapse, pinpointing the fascinating moments in which the destinies of entire nations and empires were determined and compellingly illustrates how, for a brief moment in history, the development of today's world hung by a thread.

Program One ~ Storm over Persia
Can an individual bring down a world power? Or did the Persian Empire fall because it was a colossus built on shaky foundations? For centuries the Persian Empire had existed in what appeared to be resolute stability until collapsing in a relatively short period of time under the military strikes of Alexander the Great.

Program Two ~ Death on the Nile
Did the powerful empire of the Nile collapse under the weaknesses and burdens of Cleopatra, the last of the Pharoahs? Or was the divine monarch unable to keep pace with the challenges of the age? The image of imposing pyramids and temples gives the impression of invincible power and strength. Was the final collapse of this great power inevitable or was its fate sealed purely by the unstoppable Roman legions?

Program Three ~ The Fall of Carthage
Did Hannibal carelessly squander the power of Carthage? Were the ingenious strategist's legendary victories paradoxically the reason for the downfall of this incredibly rich trading empire? Why did Hannibal, at the very height of his triumphant campaign, refrain from attacking the city of Rome?

Program Four ~ The Battle for Rome
Did the superpower of the ancient world simply collapse on account of its size? Or did the power struggles of rival contenders for the throne, epidemics such as malaria, lead poisoning on an extensive scale or over-reliance on auxiliary troops bring about the fall of Rome? Or was it the influence of early Christianity? In October 312AD, two imperial rivals and their armies fight a fierce battle for power over the Empire: it was the outcome of this battle that determined the fate of the ancient world power.

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