The League of Gentlemen-The Complete Collection (1999)

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Released 2-Nov-2005
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This box set consists of the following DVDs;
The League of Gentlemen-Series 1 (1999) , The League of Gentlemen-Series 2 (2000) , The League of Gentlemen-Series 3 (2000) , The League of Gentlemen-Christmas Special (1999)

League of Gentlemen, The-Series 1
Royston Vasey: it may look like every other bleak town you have ever seen, but it's the locals you have to worry about...
TUBBS AND EDWARD. The pig-nosed proprietors of the Local Shop who don't like change, in fact, they don't even give change.
THE DENTON FAMILY. They run an ordered home with no solids in the downstairs lavatory and regular lectures on self-abuse.
GEOFF, MIKE AND BRIAN. They are local businessmen and best friends, although Geoff hates Mike. He also hates Brian.
PAULINE. The town's monstrously unsympathetic Restart Officer for whom the unemployed are a sad waste of skin.
BARBARA. A pre-op transsexual (with a voice deeper than Barry White) and the proprietor of Babs Cabs.
LES MCQUEEN. He's never got over the golden days of his band Creme Brulee - when he could walk into a urinal and heads would turn.

And that's not the half of them...

League of Gentlemen, The-Series 2
WELCOME BACK TO ROYSTON VASEY and the second series of this BAFTA Award winning comedy. The town is in the grip of a mysterious epidemic and everyone is at risk, including:

PAPA LAZAROU who swaggers like a pimp into town with his Pandemonium Carnival, and cries of "you're my wife now".

PAULINE Having lost her job as a Restart Officer, she finds work at the Burger Me Fast Food restaurant before embracing a more extreme approach to job-seeking with Mickey at her side.

HERR LIPP whose young charges are sure to be entertained by his pink pomphlet. And if they're confused by his English, he'll see them in private and use his German tongue.

TUBBS AND EDWARD They're too busy to notice the epidemic, what with having to trap strangers on the moors in the hope of finding a bride for David.

ALVIN AND SUNNY STEEL As proprietors of the Windermere B&B, they play host to some of Royston Vasey's most swinging visitors. The entertainment goes on til the tears roll down their faces.

VINNIE AND REENIE run the charity shop. But they won't sell anything to kiddies without a special mark. Or a bag.

HILARY BRISS His meat may have been quarantined, but he's still hosting fireside soirees for those customers who love his Special Stuff.

League of Gentlemen, The-Series 3
The third series of the BAFTA Award-winning comedy sees coincidence, a red bag and a bizarre accident bring together some of the strange inhabitants of Royston Vasey.

PAULINE is released from HMP Clitclink with dreams of opening a pen shop called 'Her Nibs'...

Joke-shop owner LANCE is sick of his unidextrous life, but soon regrets dabbling in the murky world of illegal body parts...

GEOFF travels to London to become a stand-up comedian, but it's more than his act that bombs...

Tired of the 'sexploits' at his B&B, ALVIN escapes to the garden centre in search of more than compost bins...

CHARLIE is a big hit at the 'Spit & Polish' beauty salon, especially when he proves a dab hand at providing 'extras'...

The charity shop's new volunteer KEITH loves am-dram, but what is the sinister secret behind his smiling face...?

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Directed by
Steve Bendelack
Joby Talbot
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Disc (6)
Comedy 1999 525:58 (Case: 882) 576i (PAL) 4
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English Dolby Digital 2.0 (256Kb/s), Dolby Digital 2.0 (192Kb/s)
English for the Hearing Impaired
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