Thomas & Friends-60th Anniversary Box Set (1998)

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Released 1-Dec-2005
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This box set consists of the following DVDs;
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends-Twin Trouble , Thomas & Friends-Truckloads of Fun (2004) , Thomas & Friends-All Aboard with the Steam Team (2004) , Thomas & Friends-Thomas and the Jet Engine (1998) , Thomas & Friends-The Very Best of , Thomas & Friends-Three Cheers for Thomas (2004) , Thomas & Friends-Engines to the Rescue (2004)

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends-Twin Trouble
Join Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends for eight new fun adventures.
Twin Trouble Donald, tired of working with his twin, Douglas, volunteers and goes to work with Duck. It doesn't go well at all. When Donald crashes the next day, Douglas races to the rescue. They are friends again.
Salty's Secret Salty loves the sea, and is disappointed when he finds his new job is at the quarry. Much to Bill, Ben and Mavis' surprise, he handles the troublesome trucks so well that he finishes the job in no time.
The Fogman One day in foggy Misty Valley, the Fat Controller replaces Cyril with a foghorn that is so loud that rocks fall and block the tracks and crush the foghorn. Thomas can't see a thing and crashes but Cyril comes to the rescue!
Jack Frost It's freezing and Thomas frightens Percy by teasing him about Jack Frost, but James isn't frightened at all. In the dark of night, snow arrives and covers Percy. James sees Percy covered in frost and thinks it's Jack Frost. Frightened, he races back to the sheds but the next morning brags to the others and pretends that he met Jack Frost. Percy exposes his charade and they all have a good laugh.
Scaredy Engines It's Halloween. Thomas, Percy and Duck are sent to the Smelter to collect some scrap. But after Edward's spooky ghost stories, Percy is scared and Thomas teases Percy about ghosts. Later, Thomas begins to hear strange noises and sees spooks everywhere. Thomas then apologises to Percy for teasing him.
Percy and the Haunted Mine It's competition time for 'The Most Beautiful Station' on the island of Sodor. On his way to Maithwaite, Percy, scared as usual, sees a chimney and building sink into the ground near the mine. In the end, all is explained.
Middle Engine None of the engines like being a middle engine. Being a middle engine causes Percy problems at the coaling plant where he is turned upside down!
James and the Red Balloon With the arrival of the hot air balloon, James and Thomas are afraid it will take the engines' passenger traffic away. However, they learn that the hot air balloon has attracted so many holiday makers that their passenger traffic has increased.

Thomas & Friends-Truckloads of Fun
A bumper length DVD with Thomas and all his friends having truckloads of fun!

Come and play and sing-along with 13 stories and songs.

Thomas And The Trucks, Troublesome Trucks, Accidents Will Happen, Tenders And Turntables, Trouble In The Shed, Off The Rails, The Snow Song, Thomas Percy And The Coal, Mavis, Heroes, Sir Topham Hatt, Four Little Engines, Make Someone Happy

Thomas & Friends-All Aboard with the Steam Team
Thomas & Friends are back with over 50 minutes of non-stop new stories! Meet the Steam Team in their new adventures on the beautiful island of Sodor.

All Aboard With The Steam Team includes superb interactive sections such as 'Listen to the different sounds of the engines' and 'Guess which engines are being described' as well as two fun and interactive sing-along songs.

Episodes on this DVD are:

When Thomas is sent to the Quarry to help out, Diesel isn't pleased to share his yard with a steam engine. However, when the diesel engines get some fuel that makes them feel very unwell indeed, Thomas saves the day by finding some new fuel to make them all better.

Lady Hatt is having a special birthday party with a big brass band and it's Thomas' job to collect the band and take them to the park. However, Thomas is in such a hurry that he forgets a most important passenger. He will need some help from his friends if he is to get the band there on time for Lady Hatt's special day.

It is Winter on the island of Sodor and all the engines have to blow their whistle to let people know they are coming in the bad weather. Percy practises blowing his whistle so loudly that he scares the other engines and gets into trouble. However, his practice pays off when he has to warn Thomas that there has been a snowdrift.

Whilst Gordon pulls the passenger express, poor Henry is stuck with pulling freight and soon decides that he would like a change. When he sees the children making a wish at the old Sodor wishing tree, he thinks that making a wish might solve his problems but he soon realises that looking after passengers brings problems of its own!

Gordon loves pulling the passenger express, but he has noticed a strange noise whenever he starts to go fast. Will the Fat Controller still allow him to carry on working if he finds out? Gordon must do his best to hide his secret but this may not be easy on Sodor!

It is the harvest firework display and James is the lucky engine that is sent to collect the fireworks. Thomas wishes he could join in and help but he's been given another really useful job. However, when James breaks down, Thomas rushes to help his friend and gets to share in the fireworks himself!

Thomas & Friends-Thomas & The Jet Engine
It's a peep peep and a chuff chuff for all the Thomas the Tank Engine fans with nine exciting all NEW adventures to enjoy!

Thomas & Friends-The Very Best of
Enjoy this super collection of favourite stories starring Thomas, the friendly tank engine.

All aboard for loads of fun and mischief with Thomas and his friends on the island of Sodor in this amazing collection of sixteen favourite episodes.

It stars all your favourite characters; Thomas, Gordon, James, The Coaches, Cranky, Percy, Duncan, Diesel, Peter, Sam, Toby, Bertie, Duck, Henry and of course The Fat Controller!

Thomas & Friends-Three Cheers for Thomas
Thomas & Friends are back with over 55 minutes of non-stop new stories and fun on the beautiful island of Sodor. Brand new to DVD, 'Peep! Peep! Hurray!' includes 7 exciting stories plus interactive sections such as 'Percy Pulls Out Of The Station' and the "Surprises" song to sing along to! Episodes on this DVD are:

Annie and Clarabel help Thomas with a tricky corner on his new route. So when the Fat Controller announces that Annie and Clarabel are to be refit, Thomas is worried. When a runaway train of troublesome trucks becomes loose, Thomas must navigate the bend on his own. He finds that the "difficult bend" is not so difficult anymore.

The other engines are keeping a secret from Thomas. Will Thomas discover the truth? Or will he ruin the surprise?

When Thomas takes too many trucks of stinky fish at once, it just makes matters worse. When Thomas slows down, he finds things aren't as bad as they seem.

It's Halloween and Thomas and Emily are sent to the spooky smelters yard. 'Arry and Bert do their best to give them a fright - and succeed until Thomas realises that appearances can be deceptive.

Thomas and Percy are competing against the bigger engines to be the smartest engine on Sodor. Their efforts to get clean are repeatedly foiled, but then the unexpected happens - Thomas and Percy learn that you never know what you can achieve.

Thomas volunteers to take three specials - it's tiring work but he won't accept any help. When Thomas becomes so tired that he gets his jobs all mixed up, Percy offers to help once more - this time Thomas is happy to accept!

Thomas is to collect the circus from Brendam docks, but is told to share the load if there is too much to move. Thomas keeps the whole circus to himself and is soon having problems moving the huge circus. He discovers that sharing the load makes things much easier and much more fun!

Thomas & Friends-Engines to the Rescue
THOMAS & FRIENDS are back with 8 exciting new episodes never seen before on DVD. Join Thomas, Gordon, Harold, Spencer, Skarloey, Peter, Sam, Arthur, Percy and the Fat Controller for more rescue-packed adventures on the island of Sodor. Included on this DVD are:

The Duke and Duchess come to the island with their own private engine, Spencer.

All the engines are getting ready for the vicarís fete, but Harold the Helicopter is feeling left out as he is on rescue duty and canít help.

A new scenic line is opening on the island and the Fat Controller has told Skarloey off for always being late.

Itís winter and Thomas has a big Yule tree as a special delivery for the village, but his snowplough breaks.

The refreshment lady wants to open a new tea shop, but she canít decide where to have the shop.

Rusty discovers a bridge that needs to be mended and warns all the other engines, but Duncan doesnít want to listen.

Salty is upset when Thomas and Percy make fun of him, but when the lighthouse lamp goes out in a storm, Salty saves the day with an idea that fixes the lamp.

Arthur wants to work on the new route to the fishing village, but is too shy to ask. Thomas is asked to go to the fishing village to take the fish to the docks. He runs into some soggy trouble on the way but help is at hand.

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