Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps-Series 4 (2001)

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Released 17-May-2010
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The hit comedy is back for a delightfully rude fourth series, following the lives and loves of the five down-at-heel twenty-somethings

Musical Special: When Janet Met Jony

In this special musical episode, Janet discovers a photo taken on the night she and Jonny first met,leading the five twenty-somethings to recall the events of that evening through a series of songs.

Episode One: Corinthian Dies

Having fallen out of love with Jonny, Janet has just left her house and is waiting tearfully for the taxi to take her off to her new life when who should appear but Jonny, trailing an angry Gaz. Gaz wants revenge on Louise’s boyfriend David for apparently trying to get off with his (Gaz’s) girlfriend Donna on top of the castle. Jonny is so wrapped up in this crisis that he fails to realise that Janet is leaving him, and a wonderfully funny misunderstanding ensues.

Episode Two: Pigy Goes Oink

Louise has to find a library book, Piggy Goes Oink, or she won’t be able to graduate. Meanwhile, having been thrown out of his house by Janet’s dad, Mr. Smith, Jonny is desperate for somewhere to stay. Everyone turns him down, until he meets Kate, the new barmaid at the Archer pub, who invites him home. Is this the start of a glittering romance?

Episode Three: My Delicious Guava

Louise moves in with Janet but soon regrets it when they are both trapped on the settee in the lounge by the world’s scariest spider. Jonny tries to develop his growing passion for Kate by impressing her with his manliness… and ends up injuring himself on top of the castle.

Episode Four: Cugles

Louise has graduated and has to get a job, but her expectations are rather greater than her qualifications. With Donna busy at college, and Jonny busy with Kate, Gaz can’t find anyone to come out for a drink with him. Then he meets Janet in the pub… and after one thing leads to another they share a whole lot more than a pint of lager.

Episode Five: Purgatory

Gaz and Janet struggle to come to terms with having just had sex. They decide never to mention their mistake to anyone ever, but Janet almost spills the beans to Donna. Louise persuades Janet to throw a party to celebrate Louise’s graduation, and to Janet’s horror, invites Jonny and Kate. Jonny and Kate are only too delighted, because thanks to Louise’s invite they at last have a solution to their big problem – finding somewhere warm to have a shag!

Episode Six: Mate Date

Janet discovers that she has the worst new boss in the world – it’s Louise, who has at last got a job. She is determined to change the world, starting with the bakery. To Janet’s horror, she invents a whole range of shocking new pasty fillings. Gaz takes it upon himself to try to split Jonny and Kate up as only he knows how, by sleeping with Kate.

Episode Seven: Homeles and Horny

Janet decides she wants to get Jonny back. Eventually she manages this task by resorting to the age old attraction of the pasty bikini. After going power mad and sacking all her employees, Louise is herself sacked from her bakery job. Meanwhile, Donna falls for her handsome tutor Philip and Gaz is horrified to discover that he is impotent.

Episode Eight: Filthy Brunching

Jonny and Janet are back together, so everything should be rosy for them. But Janet worries that Jonny is still missing Kate, and in particular whether Kate was better in bed than her, so she decides to impress Jonny with some exciting sexual invention of her own. Gaz fights to recover Donna from the amorous advances of tutor Philip, and in the process rediscovers the ability to get an erection.

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Gareth Carrivick
Nick Wood
Becky Martin
Caroline Jeffries
Christian Henson
Simon Brint
Mark Lawrence
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