Yu-Gi-Oh!: 5D's (Ygi: 5D's)-Collection 03 (2008)

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Released 11-Aug-2010
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Winning the fortune cup will be nothing compared to this!

May contain spoilers!

Episode 127, A Web of Deceit: Part I: After defeating Jack to win the Fortune Cup Finale, Yusei is challenged to a Shadow Duel by an underground duelist whose mind has been taken over by the Dark Signers.

Episode 128, A Web of Deceit: Part II: As the battle between Yusei and his robed rival rages on, Yusei must rely on his deck if he plans to survive this Shadow Duel and uncover the truth behind the Dark Signers sinister scheme to destroy the Satellite Sector.

Episode 129, Good Cop, Bad Cop: After agreeing to help Yusei meet with Director Goodwin, Officer Trudge unknowingly becomes one of the Dark Signers drones and challenges a wounded Jack Atlas to a Shadow Duel.

Episode 130, Fight or Flight: Hoping to gain Yuseis trust, Director Goodwin decides to share with him the secrets behind the origin of the Satellite Sector and the ongoing war between Signer and Dark Signer.

Episode 131, The Reunion Duel: The Reunion Duel: After returning to the Satellite Sector, Yusei meets up with his old friend Crow and soon finds himself in a tag-team Turbo Duel with Sector Security.

Episode 132, Dark Signs: Part I: Yusei and Crow set off to confront the Dark Signers in an effort to stop them from destroying the Satellite Sector.

Episode 133, Dark Signs: Part II: In an effort to save the Satellite Sector from being destroyed, Yusei agrees to face-off against a former friend turned Dark Signer in a Shadow Duel.

Episode 134, Dark Signs: Part III: With his life points on the line, Yusei confronts his former friend Kalin about their past in an effort to stop him from awakening the Army of Shadows.

Episode 135, Dark Signs: Part IV: The safety of the world hangs in the balance as Yusei tries to figure out a way to outduel and outmaneuver the unstoppable power of Kalins dark deck.

Episode 136, Supersensory Shakedown: Leo is forced to take part in an extrasensory examination with the leader of the Arcadia Movement. Can Leo pass this pop quiz or will this psychic showdown with Sayer leave Leo locked up forever.

Episode 137, Digging Deeper: Part I: Carly sets out hoping to uncover the mystery behind the Crimson Dragon but after digging up some damaging dirt on the Arcadia Movement she soon finds herself squaring off in a psychic duel with Sayer.

Episode 138, Digging Deeper: Part II: Sayer signs up for a Shadow Duel against a Dark Signer whos out for revenge while Akiza agrees to battle a dark and sinister supermodel.

Episode 139, Digging Deeper: Part III: As the Dark Signer double duel draws to a climactic close, Carly and Misty unfold a catastrophic card combo that could send Akiza and Sayer to the Netherworld forever.

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Freddy Sheinfeld
Michael Brady
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