Andromeda-1.02 (2000)

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Released 11-Apr-2002
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Dylan inadvertently gives a group of child warriors power to destroy a solar system.

The crew of the Andromeda Ascendant spots a Guard Station for starship service and repair that is within easy striking distance of the Dyhedra system. Dylan is excited but Harper believes that the station is probably long gone since the entire Dyhedra system is infested with Magog. Since the ship's weaponry is badly damaged, Andromeda wishes to restock on parts.

They encounter an eerie industrial facility riddled with bullet holes, explosion damage and dripping pipes. A barrage of bullets are fired at them until Dylan announces his title as Commander of the High Guard Starship Andromeda. Dozens of children, wearing tattered and stained High Guard uniforms, emerge.

Many of the Guard Station's original crew were killed by Magog and Nietzscheans and believing Dylan to be their Messiah, the children present him with gifts of Magog horns. Dylan uses his High Guard Access Code to discover a vast hangar filled with Slipfighter planes. Suddenly he realises that he inadvertently provided the children access to Nova Bombs, allowing them the ability to destroy two dozen solar systems and fill the Dyjedra system with Magog blood.

Two child warriors escape in Slipfighters - one disappears into the sun, causing it to explode and engulf the solar system.

Without warning, Mayek and the other children enter command and jam their data link. Mayek announces that he has blessed 22 fighters that are now each flying toward a different Solar System. As Mayek prepares to execute the crew, Andromeda steps in for the first time - in human form.

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Beka and Tyr square off against Dylan for leadership of Andromeda during a dangerous face-off with an unknown enemy.

Andromeda alerts Dylan to a code black signal that appears to be a mission recorder from a High Guard ship. He wants the data from the recorder, to find resupply stations or fuel caches.

A missile attack from an enemy warship leaves radioactive residue on Andromeda's hull. Dylan attempts to contact the other ship to talk, but the ship launches twenty missiles at Andromeda and several slam into her. Dylan decides to set a course straight for the sun. Figuring that the flood of radiation will blind the other ship's sensor and give Andromeda time to conduct repairs and set a plan. Dylan asks Harper to build a "Footprint Magnification System" which makes a small vessel look like a huge starship, and detracts attention from the main ship.

Andromeda continues full speed ahead towards the sun, while the enemy ship continues to attack. They must decide whether to stay in the intense heat to repair their sensors and weapons or leave and risk getting shot at. Dylan tells Beka he will use the F.M.S. to make the Maru look like Andromeda, and while the enemy is shooting at the ship it believes to Andromeda, the real Andromeda will escape. He agrees to let her fly the Maru with the FMS the Euraka Maru passes through a portal, followed by the perusing missiles and the portal closes behind them. Andromeda continues to attack the enemy ship, until its engines finally die and it self-destructs - possibly to conceal its identity or to cheat Andromeda out of victory.

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Terry M
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Kevin Sorbo
Lisa Ryder
Keith Hamilton Cobb
Laura Bertram
Brent Stait
Gordon Michael Woolvett
Lexa Doig
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Allan Eastman
Brenton Spencer
Alex Lifeson
Matthew McCauley
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Science Fiction 2000 82:22 576i (PAL) 1 2 3 4 5 6
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English Dolby Digital 2.0 (448Kb/s)
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