Prisoner, The (1967)-35th Anniversary Box Set

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Released 16-Jul-2002
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This box set consists of the following DVDs;
Prisoner, The (1967)-Number 1: Arrival , Prisoner, The (1967)-Number 2: The Schizoid Man , Prisoner, The (1967)-Number 3: Checkmate , Prisoner, The (1967)-Number 4: Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling , Prisoner, The (1967)-Number 5: Fall Out

Following his resignation, a high ranking Government Official is abducted from his home and taken to a picturesque seaside location known as “The Village”. However, the idyllic surroundings hide a sinister world where “guests” are simply labelled as numbers and escape is impossible. His captors want secret information and will use any means to obtain it – give in and you’ll be left to live out your days as a brainwashed member of the community – rebel and your stay will be far from pleasant.

With escape the objective, THE PRISONER must also strive to maintain his identity throughout the clever methods of interrogation employed by his abductors, whilst pursuing his obsession to discover “Who is Number 1?”

Can they break him?
How far will they go?
Or can THE PRISONER escape and outsmart them all?

First screened in 1967, Patrick McGoohan’s television masterpiece has refused to be resigned to the past with new generations discovering its unique plots, colourful production values and striking images.

The series’ symbols and story of one man’s struggle against authority under constant surveillance remain potent themes today as much as they were when first aired. It’s no wonder THE PRISONER is lauded as the most influential Cult-TV program of all time.

Umbrella Entertainment presents the entire 17 episodes series, digitally restored, complete and uncut for the first time. With additional special features including original trailers, documentaries, rarely seen footage and photographs plus a never before aired “Alternate” episode, this is the definitive 35th Anniversary edition of a Cult-TV classic.

Featuring 17 Complete And Uncut Episodes: (The full series)

The Chimes Of Big Ben
A. B. & C.
Free For All
The Schizoid Man
The General
Many Happy Returns
Dance Of The Dead
Hammer Into Anvil
It’s Your Funeral
A Change of Mind
Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling
Living In Harmony
The Girl Who Was Death
Once Upon A Time
Fall Out

Special Features:

Original Series & Episode Trailers
The Prisoner Companion (Documentary)
Collecting The Prisoner (Documentary)
The Chimes of Big Ben (Alternate Version)
Original Location Production Footage
Rare Textless opening/closing credits
Rare Alternative Opening credits
The Tally Ho - Photo Gallery
Production Notes
Rare Foreign Filing Cabinet Footage
Rare Animated Penny Farthing Commercial Bumper
Original ITC Publicity

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Patrick McGoohan
Directed by
Robert Asher
Don Chaffey
Pat Jackson
Patrick McGoohan
Alfred Elms
Robert Farnon
Ron Grainer
Genre Year Running Time Format Region Coding Multi
Disc (5)
Science Fiction 1967 828:25 (Case: 950) 576i (PAL) 1 2 3 4 5 6
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English Dolby Digital 2.0 (192Kb/s)
Main Menu Introduction, Main Menu Audio & Animation, Trailer-4, Featurette-Alternative Opening Credits, Featurette-Textless Opening Credits, Featurette-Textless Closing Credits, Featurette-Original Production Footage, Trailer-Series Trailer No. 1, Biographies-Cast, Gallery-Photo, Booklet, Main Menu Introduction, Main Menu Audio & Animation, Trailer-Original Episode Trailers, Featurette-Original Portmeirion Location Footage, Trailer-Series Trailer No. 2, Biographies-Cast, Gallery-Photo, Main Menu Introduction, More…
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