Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Crime Spree (Imagine Entertainment)R4

    Aside from the additional 5 minutes of footage, the Region 1 also has an audio commentary with the writer-director Brad Mirman and producer Gary Howsam, plus an optional Spanish stereo soundtrack. You would think that this would tip the balance in favour of the Region 1, but the manufacturers have added a pan and scan version of the film on the same dual-layered disc as the widescreen version. Reviews of this disc indicate that there are significant compression artefacts as a result, so the Region 1 must be ruled out.

    The two-disc Region 2 French version has 50 minutes of interviews with the actors in addition to the extras we get in Region 4, but this disc has a French soundtrack with no English subtitles. If you speak French, this might be the version to get.