Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Independence Day: Extended Edition (DTS)R2J

    Ignoring all the previous releases of the film on DVD - and believe me there have been a few - I have been unable to find any mention of an equivalent Region 1 release. Region 2 (UK) certainly has this version and it sounds as if it is pretty much the same as the Region 4, barring the addition of a trailer for The Day After Tomorrow. Region 2 (Japan) turns up a limited edition release that is now out of print that aside from featuring a nice digipak packaging appears to be pretty much the same as the Region 4 too (although vastly more costly). The Region 2 (Japan) version would probably be the preferred choice but since it is now out of print, the choice would therefore be the Region 4 or Region 2 (UK) depending upon whether you want the best price (Region 4) and whether you want the additional trailer (Region 2 (UK)).