Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Dallas-The Complete First and Second SeasonR1

    Well, oddly enough, the Region 4 DVD packaging lists an extra that’s available – but not listed – only on the Region 1 DVD!

     The Region 1 release includes a bonus featurette, the Dallas Soaptalk Reunion, which was shot around 2001 and brings cast members including Hagman, Duffy and Gray before a studio audience to reminisce over the series and answer a few questions. It’s not particularly exciting, but completists would no doubt prefer it had been included on the Region 2 and 4 releases (which are identical).

     And something very odd – the opening titles of episode one on the Region 4 release have a dirty brown discolouration on the top half of the screen which lasts throughout the whole title sequence. This appears to be either print damage or a flaw in the telecine transfer. However, this discolouration is NOT present on the Region 1 release.

     Therefore, I would recommend Region 1 as the superior release.