Region 4 Winners and Losers

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I Was a Male War Bride (Ovation)R1

    I Was a Male War Bride was released in Region 1 on 6 January 2003, and seems to be very similar to what we have been given here. There are two soundtrack options, a stereo and a mono, as opposed to our stereo track. However, most reviews claim the audio to be very good and clear of all hiss and distortion, which is most certainly not the case with our disc. Most of the reviews also mention the excessive grain, but do not express the same negativity that I had towards it. The same poster gallery and lame featurette is also included, which one reviewer thought was interesting. Each to their own.

    The Region 1 comes with English and Spanish subtitles, an original trailer, plus four other trailers. It is also a single layer disc, and has a runtime of 105 minutes, which is similar to our disc's runtime of 101 minutes if you include the PAL speedup. For the clearer soundtrack, the original trailer, and the subtitle options, the Region 1 disc is definitely the one to own.