Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Wild Bunch, The: Special EditionR1

    This is a vast improvement over the previous Region 4 release, which was a flipper disc in a snapper case, and had serious film to video artefacts.

    The US Region 1 Special Edition is identical to the Region 4 in most respects. The Region 1 has an additional trailer for The James Dean Collection on Disc One, as well as animation on the main menu and jacket pictures. The extras disc does not have subtitles like the Region 4, but it also does not have the audio sync glitch. The main feature has the same video and audio quality as the Region 4 though with the slightly lower resolution of NTSC. You'd be hard-pressed to notice the difference though.

    There is a UK Region 2 Special Edition release, but as yet I have found no reviews of it.

    If the Region 4 is a direct port of the Region 2 (it is coded for both), then it may well have the same audio sync issue as the Region 4. On that basis the Region 1 is probably the better option at this time.