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King Kong (HD DVD)R1
    I should also note that this disc is to be bundled with Microsoft's X-Box 360 HD DVD add-on drive. Although it's very light on the extras and hardly pushes the format to its boundaries, this disc should give new users a good idea of the improved picture quality HD offers. It's strange that Universal chose to only release the theatrical cut on HD DVD. What's stopping them from bundling the second disc from the Collector's Edition in this package? This disc is void of any extras, but if it's just the film you're after, HD DVD leaves the SD transfer way behind.

    There are no region coding restrictions on HD DVD discs at the time of writing. The North American release includes two U-Control features. The first interrupts the feature with interviews and behind the scenes footage, culled from Jackson's Production Diaries. A second U-Control feature includes stills and production art only. Additional languages are French and Spanish only.