Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Lexx-Season 1R4

    Being a Canada/Germany co-production that was partly financed with British money and a cult show at that, the rights to Lexx in different countries are a jumble. At various points in time different seasons have been in and out of print by a variety of distributors. It will be a first for any territory if Australia manages to get all four seasons released by one distributor! The first season is a particularly hard beast to find and is currently out of print in every other English-speaking territory.

    The series was first available in Region 2 UK in two box sets, each featuring two of the films as well as a Making Of featurette for each (the same ones we have on Region 4), Trailers, text biographies for the cast, and some basic DVD-ROM content. These sets are now out of print.

    The series was available as four separate discs in Region 1 Canada (This season has not been available in the USA), and featured Trailers and Making Of featurettes (the same ones we have on Region 4) as extras. These discs have been out of print for several years now, however.

    The Region 4 edition weighs up well in comparison to all the foreign editions in terms of features. The virtue of its ready availability makes it the only real choice for anyone looking to pick up this series.