Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Brassed OffR4
    The Region 1 release of this film comes from the unrevered studio of Miramax, well known for their rather consumer unfriendly DVD packages. So unfriendly is the Region 1 release that it apparently misses out on:
  • 16x9 enhancement
  • Production notes
  • Synopsis
  • Biographies - Cast and Crew
  • Interviews - Cast and Crew
  • Featurette - Behind The Scenes
    Conversely, the Region 4 release misses out on:
  • Theatrical Trailer
    It should be noted, however, that reliable reviews of the film are not easy to find and the usual, preferred sources that we use simply lacked any reviews. So therefore we are having to rely on details from less reliable sources. Nonetheless, on the basis of what we can find out, Region 4 is well and truly the way to go.

    However, this film has been available on DVD in Region 2 for some time and that is perhaps the most logical comparison that should be made. The Region 2 release misses out on:

  • RSDL formatting
  • Production Notes
  • Synopsis
  • Featurette - Behind The Scenes
    The Region 4 release misses out on:
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Photo Gallery
    In addition, the Biographies on the Region 2 release are slightly different and more like genuine biographies. The interviews also come is a somewhat less echoy sound. Whilst I was expecting the Region 4 release to be just a rehash of the Region 2 release, it clearly is not. Nonetheless the actual transfer itself looks fairly similar, and on the balance would probably be in favour of the Region 4 release overall. However, if you have the Region 2 release, I would not be rushing out to replace it.