Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Wajda's War Trilogy (A Generation/Kanal/Ashes & Diamonds)R1

    Wajda's War Trilogy has been released as a box Set in Region 1 (USA) and Region 2 (UK). The Region 4 release is identical to the Region 2 release. The Region 1 (USA) release is from Criterion and it contains the following extras:

    * Audio commentary by film scholar Annette Insdorf on Ashes and Diamonds

    * Ninety minutes of exclusive new interviews with Andrzej Wajda and colleagues, discussing the director’s career and the making of these films

    * Vintage newsreel on the making of Ashes and Diamonds

    * Ceramics from Ilza (Ceramika Ilzecka), Wajda’s 1951 film school short

    * Jan Nowak-Jezioranski: Courier from Warsaw, an interview by Wajda of a Warsaw Uprising insider

    * Behind-the-scenes production photos, publicity stills, and posters

    * A gallery of Wajda’s original drawings and paintings

    * Essays by film scholars and critics Ewa Mazierska, John Simon, and Paul Coates

    The Region 2(UK) release is from Arrow Films. It contains a 41-minute interview with director Andrzej Wajda as the sole extra on the box set.

    The Region 1 Criterion release of this box set is the version of choice due to the extensive extras.