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Escape from New York (Blu-ray)R1
    If you really, desperately need to have this film in something approximating high definition, then there appears to be no other version of the disc to choose from at present. The European Region B disc appears to be derived from the exact same master. Needless to say, if the present owners of the film in America (MGM if I am not mistaken) release a properly cleaned-up transfer of the feature, then it will definitely be the version of choice. Update Mid-2017: I finally got off my duff and imported the Region A disc. The Region A two-disc set has claims on the packaging that it was sourced from a brand-new interpositive that was in turn struck from the miraculously-found original negative. Issues with grain, shadow detail, and a very occasional loss of sharpness notwithstanding, this Region A disc blows the Region B disc described in this review out of the water. This two disc Region A set justifies the extra 50-100 dollars it will cost to source a Region-changeable player on its own. Send the local distributors (and Asstralia's parliament) a message today. Buy the Region A two-disc version of Escape From New York Compared to the two-disc Region A set, we miss out on: * New audio commentary with Cinematographer Dean Cundey and Actress Adrienne Barbeau * New audio commentary with Producer Debra Hill and Production Designer Joe Alves * English subtitles * Better transfers on the deleted scene/alternate opening * New featurettes, including a "new look at the special visual effects" There is more, but basically, the local disc is a loser and should be avoided.