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Warlords, The (Tau ming chong)R3

    There are many different versions of this film available on DVD and Blu-ray. I will discuss the various DVD versions here. The most obvious option for English speaking audiences in the Region 2 UK release, however there are also Region 6 and Region 3 releases which seem to feature English subtitles but also include the full version of the film.As far as I can tell there has not been a Region 1 issue of this film to date.

So, in comparison to the local release then, I can tell you the following

Region 2 UK includes the following in addition to this release

  • A extra DTS soundtrack
  • An extra disc of special features including a production journal (35 mins), Reflections on The Warlords (38 mins), Deleted Scenes (27 mins), text history notes and the UK theatrical trailer

The Region 2 UK edition includes the international cut of the film and does not include the Behind the Scenes featurette (although I would guess it would be covered by the other docos) or the full theatrical trailer.

If you want the full version of the film, then there is a Region 3 release by Megastar and a very similar Region 6 edition which have the extended cut, a DTS soundtrack and lots of extras, although many of the extras do not include English subtitles, even though the feature does.

In short, the best version of the international cut with English subtitles on all extras is the Region 2 UK (although it may be cut by censorship). There does not seem to be a version of the full cut of the film where all the extras include English subtitles, but I would rate getting the full cut of the film higher than any extras so I would probably go for the Region 3 Megastar release as the best available.

Edit 31/08/09 - I have now been informed that when this is released to retail in Region 4 later in the year there will be two new versions, a 2 Disc edition and a Blu-ray version.