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Lost Highway (Blu-ray)R4

     As at the date of this review, there is no US release of this Blu-ray. However, there is a French EU release, a German EU release, a Japanese release and a UK release.

     The UK release by Universal has audio in a PCM 2.0, and a video transfer that is in the right aspect ratio of 2.39:1 but at 50 frames interlaced, instead of the 24 frames progressive of the French and German releases.

     The French and German releases look to have the same video transfer as this version, but the German release offers German DTS-HD 5.1 audio as well and is Region Free rather than its Region B-locked French counterpart.

     The Japanese version is a 3-disc release that is rumoured to have the correct aspect ratio, but limited details are available as to what audio is on the disc and what special features are available.

     The French version has the same special features as the Australia release and I would suggest that the Australian release is merely a ported over version of the French release, right down to the French subtitles.