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Emma (1996)R1

    The Canadian Region 1 version of this disc is widescreen, but non-anamorphic. It has a a menu nicely themed to the movie. It lacks the production notes, and cast and crew biographies, but it has the same trailer. It seems a touch darker, but it is otherwise quite comparable. Fascinatingly, it has the exact same film artefact on Toni Collette's face at 16:01 (time difference due to NTSC vs PAL formatting). This suggests that they come from the same source at some stage - perhaps they have a common hi-def transfer in their ancestry.

    Interestingly, the cover of the R1 shows Emma with a bow and arrow (pointing up the tag-line: "Cupid is armed and dangerous"). This is a trifle odd, because the only scene in the movie where we see Emma with a bow and arrow has her wearing gloves, and they are conspicuously absent in the cover shot.

    This is a difficult comparison: a non-16x9 enhanced widescreen NTSC version versus a fullscreen pan-and-scan PAL version - I must lean to the widescreen version, given that it presents more of the film, albeit in considerably less resolution. My real hope is that they may, at some point, produce a 16x9 enhanced widescreen version.