Region 4 Winners and Losers

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Atanarjuat: The Fast RunnerR1

    There appears to be two R1 version of this disc, a Columbia Tri-Star R1 release in the US and a Alliance Atlantis R1 release in Canada. A comparison of the two R1 versions is very interesting and disappointing. The Columbia Tri-Star R1 version is a bare bones disc (like ours) and has good image quality (unlike ours) but the subtitles are burned into the image. The Alliance Atlantis R1 version has a swag of extras, including a Fact Track, Production Dairy, Navigate Through the Legend, Filmmaker Biographies, Cast and Character Biographies, A Look at Art Direction, Photo Gallery, About Igloolik Isumo and a Trailer but the image quality is bad (again like ours). So to summarise: We have a bad image and no extras, Canada gets the extras but also the bad image and the US gets a good image, no extras and burned-in subtitles.

    As you probably won't be watching the film without subtitles and the image is the primary concern I will punt for R1, but only under protest as I don't like burned-in subtitles.