Region 4 Winners and Losers

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One Hour Photo (Rental)R1

    The Region 1 sell-through version of this DVD includes the following extras:

  • Audio Commentary. This features Romanek and Williams and is somewhat self-congratulatory in places. Romanek mumbles a fair bit, so the listening is occasionally hard going. A worthwhile extra though, for the insight it occasionally provides - for example that Romanek sent his first cut of the movie to Francis Ford Coppola for his critique.
  • Anatomy of a Scene. This featurette from the Sundance Channel runs for approximately 28 minutes and is a good dissection of the scene in which Sy meets Will at the Savmart computer aisle.
  • Making Of featurette. Running for approximately 13 minutes, this is the usual behind-the-scenes programming and offers little more than a publicity piece for the movie.
  • The Charlie Rose Show. With a run-time of over 30 minutes, this segment from a US television show lets Williams steal the stage from Romanek, with much larking about. Romanek ends up looking a little bored - and slightly pissed off to be honest. Williams is at his manic best and the feature raises a few smiles as well as being informative.
  • Theatrical Trailers. Standard fare with a theatrical trailer for One Hour Photo and the John Malkovich movie "The Dancer Upstairs".
  • TV Spots. Three short television trailers for the film.

    The Region 1 disc also has a very well planned menu-system, cleverly based around a Savmart photo envelope. Hopefully the Region 4 disc will contain at least these extras when it is released for sale.