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Fri 26.10.18
Back to old IP address
Michael D
Forgot that I need the new ISP to set up a Reverse DNS entry so the mail server works properly. Back to the old IP address for now. Hopefully setting up the reverse DNS entry will be a straightforward process.
Site now moved to a new IP address
Michael D
I have now completed the penultimate step in moving the site to its new IP address. I have changed the IP address of the computer the site runs on. This breaks (for the moment) the old site nameserver, but the new nameserver is running just fine at present, serving up the appropriate addresses for the site. The worst symptom might be a slight delay in initially loading some pages since queries will go to the old nameserver, time out and then go to the new nameserver. It will take a bit of time to propagate, but once that has happened, I'll complete the nameserver transition and everything will be back to normal.
Wed 24.10.18
Moving the site's DNS server
Michael D
Without going into boring details, moving the site to a new IP address has taken much longer than anticipated. I'll rant about the difficulties once the move is complete. The next step in the move now appears to have been completed successfully, in that I have managed to implement a new nameserver for the site and update the nameserver record at the domain registry. Once this new nameserver propagates, I will be able to move to the next step of the move.

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