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Tue 7.3.17
Arthur & Merlin (Blu-ray) (2015)
Ray N

Cover Art Arthur & Merlin is a different take on the King Arthur myths. It has no noble knights, no Round Table, no search for the Holy Grail. Indeed, the principals are not called Arthur and Merlin but Arthfael and Myrrdin and the film is a fantasy adventure about an exiled warrior saving Celtic Britain from destruction at the hands of an evil Druid and a dark god. . Sponsored by DeVoteD.

Fri 3.3.17
El Topo (Blu-ray) (1970)
Ray N

Alejandro Jodorowski’s 1970 film El Topo is the film for which the term “cult classic” may as well have been invented. This wonderful, bizarre, spiritual, bloody, Zen western morality tale now gets a welcome Blu-ray release in this country. . Sponsored by Family Boxoffice.

Thu 2.3.17
Columbo - Season 10 Part 1 (Remastered) (1990)

Columbo remains eminently charming. It's the type of enjoyable, easy-going television that we scarcely see anymore, and there are some terrific telemovies in this collection. I'm happy that Madman have released yet another remastered season on DVD. The technical presentations are no match for what a Blu-ray can offer, but it's still watchable. Especially for fans of the show, this one comes recommended. . Sponsored by DeVoteD.

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