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Wed 2.5.18
Limehouse Golem, The (Blu-ray) (2016)
Ray N

The Limehouse Golem is a Gothic tale of murder set in Victorian London that cleverly mixes together historical people, including Dan Leno (a huge star of the music hall stage), Karl Marx and George Gissing, and fictional characters, centring on the strands connecting a music hall star (Olivia Cooke) on trial for poisoning her husband and a serial killer being hunted by a Scotland Yard Inspector (Bill Nighy). . Sponsored by Atlantic DVD.

Tue 1.5.18
Disaster Artist, The (Blu-ray) (2017)

One of my favourite movies of 2017, The Disaster Artist is a fascinating story about a notoriously bad movie, as well as an entertaining dramedy that's frequently hilarious without diminishing the dramatics of the story. Roadshow's Blu-ray looks and sounds fantastic. It's hard to imagine the picture quality looking any better short of a 4K Ultra HD release. There is a nice selection of extras to boot, making this a great disc that's well worth owning. Highly recommended. . Sponsored by DVD Buzz.

Mon 30.4.18
Foreigner, The (Blu-ray) (2017)
Ray N

†††† With a cast including Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan and an experienced director in Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) one might have thought The Foreigner, a story about a fatherís revenge for an IRA bombing that killed his only daughter, might have received a better theatrical release here from Roadshow than it got. While the film may strain credibility with some of the plotting it is a solid, entertaining thriller with good performances and decent action. . Sponsored by Disk Doctor.

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