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Thu 31.5.18
Tracker, The (Blu-ray) (2002)
Ray N

Cover Art Rolf de Heer’s superb 2002 Australian film The Tracker, staring David Gulpilli and Gary Sweet, gets a Blu-ray release with a “brand new 4K scan & restoration from the film’s inter-positive & remastered audio”. Enough said. . Sponsored by Family Boxoffice.

Tue 29.5.18
Death Wish 4 & 5 (Blu-ray) (1994)

I was vocal in hoping that Umbrella would release a double pack of Death Wish 4 & 5 to complete my collection, sitting alongside their double pack of the second and third movies, as well as the U.S. release of the first. The timing is fitting too, given the release of the remake. Umbrella's technical presentations are adequate (though the low video bitrate for Death Wish V is a bit disappointing), and they have sourced some extras to boot. For those who enjoy the Death Wish movies with Bronson, this set is a must-buy. . Sponsored by DeVoteD.

Mon 28.5.18
Beguiled, The (Blu-ray) (2017)
Ray N

The Beguiled is writer / director Sofia Coppola’s adaption of the 1966 novel, not a remake of the 1971 film that starred Clint Eastwood. This time it is Colin Farrell as the wounded Union soldier holed up in the southern school for girls run by Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst during the American Civil War. . Sponsored by Atlantic DVD.

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