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Thu 7.9.17
Hercules vs. The Hydra (Gli amori di Ercole) (1960)
Ray N

Cover Art Hercules vs. The Hydra is an Italian “sword and sandal” epic from 1960 starring Jayne Mansfield and her then husband Mickey Hargitay. It is all there: skimpy costumes, atrocious dubbing, stilted acting and one of the least frightening monsters you will ever see but isn’t this what makes “sword and sandal” films so much fun. . Sponsored by Family Boxoffice.

Wed 6.9.17
Forsaken (Blu-ray) (2015)
Ray N

Forsaken is a classic, old fashioned western about redemption that is well directed and features a fabulous cast that includes Kiefer Sutherland, Donald Sutherland, Brian Cox, Demi Moore and Michael Wincott. Fans of westerns or the stars will not be disappointed. . Sponsored by Disk Doctor.

The Fate of the Furious (Blu-ray) (2017)

The Fate of the Furious won me over in the end...kind of. Its overblown and too long, and Diesel is utter dead weight at this point, but some of the action scenes do entertain, and it's enjoyable watching Statham and The Rock do their thing. These movies are critic-proof, though, so do what you like. The Blu-ray both looks and sounds very good indeed, even though the 4K disc does provide superior video. The extras are on the light side and are mostly fluffy, but there's still some enjoyment to be had. Ultimately, this is a self-recommending disc - if you're a fan, it's a recommended buy, but everybody else should probably stay clear. . Sponsored by Atlantic DVD.

Tue 5.9.17
The Fate of the Furious (4K Blu-ray) (2017)

The 4K presentation of The Fate of the Furious is exceptional. The image (with Dolby Vision HDR) constantly displays so much texture and depth, while the accompanying lossless DTS:X audio track will probably leave your neighbours registering noise complaints. The extras on the accompanying standard Blu-ray are fine, but the appeal of this disc is the reference-quality transfer. Still, if you don't like the franchise, you need not apply. . Sponsored by Disk Doctor.

Mon 4.9.17
Divine Gate (Dibain Geto) (2016)
Ray N

You have to admire the invention in Divine Gate as it draws its influences and characters from such diverse sources as the King Arthur legends, Norse gods and Shakespeare while considering themes such as challenging the gods, hope and despair and the nature of memory. The result is uneven, but certainly interesting if you are in the mood. . Sponsored by DVD Buzz.

Kong: Skull Island (3D Blu-ray) (2017)

Armchair "experts" and internet bloggers claim that 3D is dead since television manufacturers have dropped 3D support, so getting Kong: Skull Island in three dimensions is appreciated for those of us who can watch it. The transfer is downright excellent, one of the best 3D presentations I've ever seen, but unfortunately the downgraded audio is a bit disappointing. Still, this set comes highly recommended. . Sponsored by Atomic Movies.

Sat 2.9.17
Captain America: Civil War (Blu-ray 3D) (2016)

This 3D Blu-ray edition is certainly worth buying for fans of the format, especially with the airport sequence in its original IMAX aspect ratio. The exceptional audio track remains identical to the 2D release. If you can get your hands on a combo pack with the 2D disc (featuring all the extras), that's the definitive edition until a 4K Blu-ray comes along. Highly recommended. . Sponsored by Atlantic DVD.

Fri 1.9.17
Jasper Jones (Blu-ray) (2017)
Ray N

Based on the best-selling Australian novel by Craig Silvey and with a cast including Toni Collette and Hugo Weaving, Jasper Jones is an impressive film; a well written and impeccably acted murder mystery about a young man learning about courage, prejudice, families and love in an isolated rural town in W.A. in 1969. . Sponsored by Atomic Movies.

Kong: Skull Island (4K Blu-ray) (2017)

Roadshow have chosen to debut Kong: Skull Island on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, which is another major win in my books. The vast improvements in picture quality are both noticeable and appreciable compared to the more compressed 1080p Blu-ray, and the audio remains seriously immersive. Add in the standard Blu-ray with its selection of extras, and this set comes highly recommended. . Sponsored by DeVoteD.

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