Love Hina-Series Collection (2000)

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Released 9-Dec-2003
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This box set consists of the following DVDs;
Love Hina-Volume 1: Moving In (2000) , Love Hina-Volume 2: Go West (2000) , Love Hina-Volume 3: Secret Lives (2000) , Love Hina-Volume 4: Love Hurts (2000) , Love Hina-Volume 5: Summer by the Sea (2000) , Love Hina-Volume 6: And the Winner is... (2000) , Love Hina-Volume 7 (Christmas Special) (2000)

Love Hina-Volume 1: Moving In
Keitaro Urashima is trying for the third time to get into Tokyo University, the most prestigious university in Japan.

Why? Because of a promise he made to a girl when they were both children. But that was long ago, and he has forgotten who the girl was. His parents, who only see him as a loafer, are constantly nagging him. So when his grandmother invites him to visit her at her home, the Hinata Apartments, he figures he can crash there.

But when he arrives he suddenly finds himself under attack by the all-female residents of the complex. Before they completely destroy him however, they discover that he's been named the new manager! How will the girls react to a man living in their all-girls building?

He's already gotten off on the wrong foot, but as they get to know him... he finds himself at the short end of the stick (and sometimes the katana). Can his good nature and pure heart win out? Will the girls of the Hinata Apartments accept him? Will his bones ever knit?
Welcome to Keitaro's life.
Welcome to Love Hina

Love Hina-Volume 2: Go West
A Relaxing Vacation...?
The Good News: Keitaro has been more or less accepted as the new manager of the Hinata Apartments.
The Bad News: He failed his latest entrance exams.

So he decides to take a short trip to Kyoto to boost his spirits. Naru, depressed and disappointed about wasting her last three years studying, also decides she needs a break and sets off alone. On their travels they each meet someone who they think would be an ideal match - if only their glasses weren't broken and they could see!

Meanwhile, at the Hinata Apartments, the days pass quietly. When the rest of the group doesn't hear from Keitaro or Naru they mount a "rescue mission". But just who is rescuing whom? On the road to love, there are many bumps and bruises - and Keitaro's going to experience them all.

Love Hina-Volume 3: Secret Lives
A House of Riddles

Mysteries abound at the Hinata Apartments when the rent money vanishes...
Detective Kitsune takes the case. But who is the real thief?

Then there's a mysterious woman who appears when the moon is red. Her behaviour is rather odd, and now that you mention it, she looks a lot like Kaolla. And is that an alligator?

Suddenly Naru's on the fast track to stardom when she becomes an idol singer. Will she be leaving the apartments for good? Will Shinobu and Motoko be joining her?

Then Motoko finds her chi drained. Unable to utilise her martial arts power, she becomes a shell of her former proud confident self. Who is left to protect the Hinata Apartments from its greatest threat yet?

Love Hina-Volume 4: Love Hurts
Romance goes awry

The younger residents of the Hinata Apartments, wanting to see what all the fuss is about, decide to try their hand at kissing, but with Kaolla involved, it's anything but normal.

Meanwhile, a crisis has hit the apartments! They all need to get part-time jobs to come up with the rent money. After a round of serious bickering, they all agree to do what they have to, and Keitaro winds up getting a job with a man from Naru's past... A man for whom she once had very strong feelings. Their reunion is interrupted by the discovery of an ancient turtle civilisation underneath the town. How dangerous could an ancient turtle civilisation be?

And finally, after all this, the group puts on a play of the famous "Journey to the West", the legend of Son Goku. Martial arts, puppets, treachery, tanks, and taking horses this play has it all.

Love Hina-Volume 5: Summer By The Sea
Summertime Stress!

The gang winds up on an island. Sounds like a fun vacation, right? Well, it would be, except that the island happens to be HAUNTED! Naru has become possessed by the spirit that haunts the island. And the spirit is out for vengeance. And guess who's the target? Keitaro!

Meanwhile, Naru, still mad at Keitaro, hangs out with Seta at the summer festival. And when a prank backfires, Kaolla, Sara, and Kitsune wind up stranded on another island.

Another of Kaolla's relatives visits. This time, it's her brother, and he's come to take her home. But does she wanna go? Nooooo...

Then, deep in the dark recesses of the Hinata Apartments, a mechanical doll is discovered. The doll has memories and thinks that Keitaro is his grandfather, the one who was taking care of her over 50 years ago!

Love Hina-Volume 6: And the Winner is...
True Love and Turtles

Keitaro's survived explosions, misunderstandings, being marooned on deserted islands (several times!), Kaolla's inventions, and meddling relatives and friends, but he is no closer to finding out who the girl he made the infamous "Tokyo U" promise to when he was younger is. And time is running out, because it's the last volume of the series! But a clue has been found! It's a photograph of Keitaro, Naru, and Mutsumi when they were young. Could one of these two girls be the one? The suspense is driving everyone crazy!

Of course nothing is ever simple at the Hinata Apartments, and just as things start to calm down a little, Grandma Hina comes back from her trip and suddenly starts renovating the complex. Everyone has to move out for a day or two.

Unrequited love! Martial Arts! Mecha Turtles! Granny Hina! This volume has it all!!!

Love Hina-Volume 7 (Christmas Special)
Christmas time at Hinata Inn, parties, gifts, and of course utter chaos! Keitaro, Naru and Mutsumi are all studying hard for a practice exam that takes place on December 24th, so much so that Christmas is pretty much ignored.

But among the other residents of the Hinata, as well as apparently most of the city, this particular Christmas Eve is going to be special. A rumour has it that if you profess your love to someone on Christmas Eve, that person will love you forever.

Meanwhile, Su and Sara discover a letter in Naru's room, "I always loved...". What does this mean? Who does Naru love?! The plot thickens as Keitaro is spotted going out with Mutsumi! A day of celebration! A night of miracles!

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Yji Ueda
Yui Horie
Masayo Kurata
Yu Asakawa
Reiko Takagi
Junko Noda
Megumi Hayashibara
Satsuki Yukino
Yumiko Kobayashi
Yasunori Matsumoto
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Michio Miyashita
Yukie Maeda
Directed by
Takashi Sudo
Kiyotaka Isako
Osamu Sato
Kichi Sugitani
Koichi Korenaga
Ritsuko Okazaki
Genre Year Running Time Format Region Coding Multi
Disc (7)
Anime 2000 564:43 (Case: 675) 576i (PAL) 4
Full Frame
English Dolby Digital 2.0 (224Kb/s), Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0 (224Kb/s)
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